July 26, 2022 Centre Street North

Canada is the destination of choice for most folks who seek better employments, education, or a simple desire to reunite with family. It may also be for the sole purpose of escaping conflict zones, like the case of some Afghan refugees. Whatever your reason may be, Canada offers migrants certain advantages such as:

  1. Jobs: Competent tradespersons, foreign professionals and skilled workers in wide-ranging career paths are in high demand in Canada. Once you meet the minimum Canada immigration points requirements and scale through every application process, you can become a part of the economy. This is subject to getting a positive evaluation based on the results of your Express Entry medical exam, which a panel physician IRCC handles.
  2. Education: Whether you choose to study in the University of Calgary, or any other top-quality school, Canada is not in short supply of academic institutions that meet and surpass world-class standards. Like folks who migrate to work in Canada, students also need to book an appointment with an IRCC medical exam panel to ascertain their health status.
  3. Healthcare: Each Canadian province and territory provides a different health plan to citizens or permanent residents. It is also common for refugees who qualify for assistance to have the interim federal health paying for their immigration medical exam. This universal health care system is funded through taxes.
  4. Safety: This reason explains why most families choose to live in Canada. CIC panel physicians also play a huge role to make this possible by following specific guidelines that ensure only healthy immigrants enter Canada. More importantly, immigrants are welcomed in this peace-loving nation.
  5. Prosperity: Canada’s progressive healthcare system offers one of the numerous valid proofs of a prosperous and affluent nation. With such a conducive living environment on offer, it doesn’t require too much of an imagination to understand why an increasing number of migrants are known to book an IRCC panel physician to conduct a CIC medical, which is one of the entry requirements.

Live in Canada as a permanent resident or student to enjoy the equality, freedom and stability it offers. And since the Canadian government requires that every immigrant who will have contact with people must take a physical exam before entering, it’s important to book an appointment with a panel physician who is listed as a panel physician Canada approves.

For more details and how to book for your Express Entry medical exam, please visit Panel Physicians portal today.


July 19, 2022 Centre Street North

Congratulations on getting a Canadian Visa. Now you want to know if you need a medical exam.

If you plan to stay for a period of 6 months or less, without taking up certain jobs, you won’t need a medical exam. However, once you plan to stay for more than 6 months or take up a job that brings you in close contact with people, it’s mandatory for you to take an immigration medical exam.

The immigration laws don’t allow your doctor to handle this exam, so you must get a panel physician Canada approves from the available list. The IRCC panel physician you choose only conducts your CIC medical exam and sends the results to eMedical where the final decision is made.

If you want to get a permanent residence in Calgary, for instance, and have a problem with your Express Entry medical exam, you’ll be contacted in writing through the relevant authority.

You can either choose to get a panel physician IRCC approves to conduct an upfront medical exam or get one after you apply. Both options are open to you regardless of whether you plan to work, study or visit (including parent and grandparent supervise).

Should you elect to book an appointment with an IRCC medical panel after submitting your application, you must do so within 30 days of receiving instructions on how to get your medical exam done.

Please note that the CIC panel physician you have an appointment with will require you to properly identify yourself using a government-issued document with your photograph and signature. Not all CIC panel physicians use eMedical. In that case, you’ll need to bring 4 recent photographs.

It’s mandatory for you to pay all fees related to your medical exam, including any special tests.

Please, visit the Panel Physicians portal to learn more and book for your immigration medicals.



July 12, 2022 Centre Street North

Following the introduction of the Canadian Express Entry system in January 2015, lots of skilled workers have taken the advantage to settle into the country with their loved ones. To take up one of the spots available in the competitive Express Entry program, migrants will have to create and submit an Express Entry profile.

The information a migrant provides is placed in a pool for easy comparison against what other candidates have to offer. To receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in the city of Calgary, for instance, you need to have a high-ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

A combination of up to 600 core points and a maximum of 600 extra points mean that the highest score a candidate can get is 1,200 points. When you meet this requirement, an invitation to apply will be sent to you. At this point, you have up to 60 days to submit your online application and pay the permanent residence processing fees.

The Core Points

Your skills and experience are the factors put into consideration under this section. Other factors that determine your score include your skills transferability as well as the education, language skill and other relevant information relating to your common-law partner or spouse.

The Extra Points

You have a better chance of getting an invitation to apply if you have a sibling living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident. In addition, proof of a legitimate job offer or a nomination from a Canadian territory or province delivers an added advantage. Two other factors, which can help boost your score, are the level of your proficiency in the French language and any proof of a Canadian work experience, degree, diploma or certificate.

Once you qualify and gain admissibility into Canada, a panel physician IRCC recommends will handle your Expert Entry medical exam. It is the duty of any panel physician Canada approves to properly identify you when you show up for your immigration medical exam appointment. CIC panel physicians follow specific guidelines to carry out your physical exam, and the CIC medical exam requirements for each migrant varies according to the individual’s country.

An IRCC medical exam panel now submits your test results to eMedical for evaluation. In a situation where an infectious disease is discovered, an IRCC panel physician is bound by the immigration law ethics to report such observations to the government and the person in question.

If you need to book the services of a CIC panel physician for your immigration medicals or want to clarify a gray area, please contact us on Panel Physicians page today.      


July 5, 2022 Centre Street North

Canada remains an appealing choice for vacationers, students or folks who want to take up permanent residence. This explains why there’s an increasing interest in the Canadian Express Entry process. Whether your destination is Calgary, recognized by many as the cleanest city in the world, or any other location in Canada, you’ll have to follow certain procedures.

As a foreign professional, skilled worker or competent tradesperson, you can begin your immigration process by completing the Express Entry online questionnaire. This free eligibility assessment lets you know if you meet the minimum Canada immigration points requirement. During the application process, you’ll need to state your work experience, level of education and meet the language skills requirement for each program.

Among the relevant documentations you’ll need to get are your education assessments, language test results, police certificates, proof of funds and job offers. After creating and submitting your Express Entry profile, you’ll wait in the pool for an invitation to apply.

If you get an invitation to be a part of the Canadian economy, simply fill the form, pay the fees and upload all the relevant documents. The next step is to attend interviews both within and outside of Canada.

Before settling in, a CIC panel physician will handle your immigration medical exam to ascertain your health status. The CIC panel physicians who make up an IRCC medical exam panel will ask for your identification during your appointment. A physical exam will be conducted by the panel physician Canada recommends, and the results of your CIC medical exam will be sent by the IRCC panel physician to eMedical for evaluation.

It is worthy to note that the panel physician IRCC approves to handle your Express Entry medical exam is required to report any findings of an infectious disease to you and the Canadian government and possibly refer you to a specialist, as the case may be.

For more details and how to book for your Express Entry medical exam, please visit Panel Physicians page today.



June 28, 2022 Centre Street North

Thousands of immigrants have become permanent residents in Canada since the Express Entry system took effect in January 2015. This was long before the breakout of COVID-19. While the Express Entry rounds of invitations follow its schedule without fail and migrants still need to get good CRS scores, the coronavirus pandemic now affects how folks enter Canada.

The Canadian government places emphasis on protecting the general public’s health through the implementation of immigration laws that help keep infectious diseases out of beautiful cities, such as Calgary. More than ever, the Express Entry medical exam has gained added importance. Every panel physician Canada empowers to conduct a CIC medical exam plays a huge role in the immigration process.

Some of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic can be felt in:

Air Travel

Airline companies have put stringent requirements in place and expect travelers to pass a health check before being allowed to board a flight. This approach ensures that anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 doesn’t get a chance to enter Canada by air.

Admissibility into Canada

Successful skilled workers and professionals who score well in their CRS and scale all the required processes, still have to book an appointment with an IRCC panel physician for an immigration medical exam. The CIC panel physician will access the health of an immigrant before he/she leaves the port of entry.

Quarantine Plan

On arrival to Canada, an immigrant or refugee is expected to quarantine for 14 days. This isn’t optional, explaining why CIC panel physicians and other immigration law enforcers recommend that migrants have a plan before entering Canada.

Every panel physician Canada approves attends to migrants according to the specific guidelines of the country the person is coming from. The IRCC medical exam panel then sends the test results of a migrant to eMedical for evaluation.

For more details on how COVID-19 affects Express Entry candidates and how to book for your immigration medicals, kindly contact us on Panel Physicians straightaway.


April 20, 2022 Centre Street North

Whether you want to get into Canada through the Express Entry system or through sponsorship, you will require an IRCC panel physician to assess your health status by conducting an immigration medical exam. The test results of this CIC medical exam is then sent to eMedical for evaluation. Since this concerns your state of health and whether you’ll gain entry into Canada, this guide helps you know how to check on the status of your immigration medical exam in Calgary. 

Within Processing Time

Typically, every panel physician IRCC approves to handle the physical exams of immigrants endeavour to submit the test results within a stipulated time. So, all you need to do is check your application status tool for a quick update.

When the Processing Time Elapses

Though this doesn’t happen very often without a genuine cause, there are times when an IRCC medical exam panel fails to meet the stipulated time. If you cannot see your status at this point, please use the IRCC web form to make an enquiry. More often than not, it’s most likely that your application is still being processed.

Help Centre

This offers additional support when you’re still expecting results from the panel physician Canada recommended to handle your health tests. This user-friendly section features a search field where you may ask the questions you seek answers to.

Complicated Cases

Say you want to settle in at Calgary, and chose one of the CIC panel physicians on the approved list to handle your test, the processing of your Express Entry medical exam results will still take longer if you have a complicated case. Since different medical conditions require unique approaches, the length of delay may vary from case to case.

If you need a CIC panel physician to explain these different scenarios better or want to book for your immigration medicals, please visit us on Panel Physicians today.


April 16, 2022 Centre Street North

A Panel Physician evaluates the health of non-citizens applying for entry into Canada. Medically trained and licensed, a panel physician handles the task of conducting an immigration medical exam to ensure immigrants into Calgary, or any Canadian city, do not pose a health threat to both the citizens and residents. There are technical instructions which every panel physician IRCC approves refer to as a uniform guide for assessing individuals who wish to enter the country as immigrants or refugees. This includes following specific identification procedures to ascertain that the individual who appears for a CIC medical exam is the right person.

A CIC panel physician then sends the report of all the required tests to eMedical for review. It is common for an IRCC panel physician to evaluate two migrants in different ways, since an express entry medical exam may vary from country to country. Also, the fact that the visa requirements for a student, visitor and workers are likely to be different means that CIC panel physicians may have a different set of guidelines to follow when evaluating each individual.

During an appointment with an IRCC medical exam panel, migrants will answer questions pertaining to their medical history and run general health tests according to the existing panel physician Canada requirements. Special tests will be run, as well, in accordance with current immigration laws.

In the course of their duty, CIC panel physicians have an obligation to report cases of infectious disease to both the migrant and the government. When necessary, a migrant carrying an infection may get a referral to a specialist. All these help to keep Canada safe and healthy.

A CIC panel physician has a duty to keep the local community safe while interacting with the global community to ensure that only immigrants who have a clean bill of health get a chance to enter Canada.

Please, visit our Panel Physicians page to learn more and book for your immigration medicals.


April 12, 2022 Centre Street North

Citizenship and Immigration Canada respects your marital vow of till death do us part and will work within the specific guidelines to reunite you with your spouse. With thousands of people submitting their applications on a weekly basis, it takes the immigration team sometime to do a proper evaluation for each one. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, how long it typically takes to process a Canada Spouse Visa has been hugely impacted. On the average, spouse visa applications are processed at about 12 months or less. The reason why some take up to 36 months or so may depend on the following factors:

Location of Application

An applicant’s country of residence plays an important role in the processing time as it varies from country to country.

Number of Applications

Fewer applications mean your Canada spouse visa application gets processed faster and vice versa.

Completeness of Application

There are specific documents which need to be submitted. So the more complete your documentation is, the faster your application gets processed.

In summary, Canada spouse visa application processing time is not easily predictable. Besides the fact that visa offices have to deal with the varying challenges of their respective regions, there is a need to factor in the number of candidates putting in their applications.

Additionally, there’s the need for a CIC medical exam. You can access the list of every panel physician Canada approves to book an appointment with an IRCC medical exam panel. The test result of the medical screening an IRCC panel physician conducts plays an important role in the immigration process.

To avoid delays, it’s important to complete your application, including booking an early appointment with a panel physician IRCC recommends. This is because you’re expected to have a CIC panel physician conduct a physical exam for you within 30 days after you receive an instruction from CIC.

While CIC panel physicians don’t make the final decision after conducting an immigration medical exam, their input is important.

For more details and how to book for your Express Entry medical exam, visit our Panel Physicians page to learn more. 


April 8, 2022 Centre Street North

Once you plan to visit Canada and have cause to meet with people, it’s mandatory to take an immigration medical exam. The available list of every panel physician Canada approves comes with their contacts, so you can easily book an appointment with an IRCC panel physician. The aim of a CIC medical exam is to ascertain your health status before entry, and it’s the duty of the panel physician IRCC approves to send your test results to eMedical for evaluation.

You may choose to have an upfront medical exam with a CIC panel physician or wait till after you apply. Be sure to bring a government-issued document with your photo and signature for an appointment with CIC panel physicians.

Because the test results may impact whether you’ll gain entry to Canada or not, it is in place for you to want to know what the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) think about your health records. How long it takes to see your test results depends on:

An Application for Temporary Residency

This permit covers visitors, students and workers. Since there’s a stipulated period of time for applicants under this category, your medical exam results will take about four weeks to process.

An Application for Permanent Residency

Say you want to apply as a permanent resident in Calgary, Canada, the test results of your Express Entry medical exam will take a longer time to process than that of another candidate applying for temporary residency. From the moment a CIC medical exam panel submits your test results, it takes about three months to have them processed.

Complicated Cases

In the event of a complicated medical case, it may take longer to process. Within this time, you may get a referral to a specialist to do special tests.

After processing your test results, you’ll be told what to do next if further documents aren’t required from you.

Learn more about our Panel Physicians and book for your immigration medicals today!


April 4, 2022 Centre Street North

On arrival to Calgary and other cities in Canada for a reunion with loved ones or a business trip, every migrant will have to undergo a CIC medical exam. This compulsory screening test helps the Canadian government maintain its promise to protect the health of both the citizens and residents.

An IRCC panel physician conducts this immigration medical exam according to the screening guidelines required for each country and visa type. For your upcoming express entry medical exam, here are a few things you need to expect from a CIC panel physician:

  1. Proper Identification: When you meet the panel physician IRCC recommends, you will need to provide a government-issued document that carries your photograph and signature. This is to help CIC panel physicians ascertain that they are screening the right person. A proper identification includes a passport or national identity card.
  2. Medical Reports: Every panel physician Canada licenses to play a role in this immigration process is required to know your previous or existing medical conditions. Such test results help them gain insights into your health condition. While it isn’t mandatory to provide your proof of previous vaccination for COVID-19, a panel physician will include this record with your exam, if you provide it.
  3. Current Medications: It is important to provide a list of your current medications if you’re taking any treatment. This will help shorten how long it takes to process your medical exam.
  4. Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses: An IRCC medical exam panel expects migrants who wear eye glasses or contact lenses to bring them along during an appointment. Wearing any of them can change your appearance, so it’s important to provide this for easy facial recognition.
  5. Physical Examination: You’ll undergo a physical exam. Typically, this includes checking your weight, measuring your height and feeling your pulse. A panel physician will also need to check your hearing and vision, check how your limbs move and take your blood pressure. It is in place for CIC panel physicians to look at your skin, feel your abdomen and listen to your heart and lungs. If there’s a need for an IRCC medical exam panel to examine your breasts, they have an obligation to offer you an explanation for proposing this examination.

These are some of the things an IRCC panel physician will be checking for when you go for an immigration medical exam. If for any reason you are referred for an x-ray or other tests, it is within the immigration law for you to present your identification again.

Please, visit CSNMC Panel Physicians to learn more and book for your immigration medicals.



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