What to expect during an IRCC Panel Physician Medical Exam

April 4, 2022

On arrival to Calgary and other cities in Canada for a reunion with loved ones or a business trip, every migrant will have to undergo a CIC medical exam. This compulsory screening test helps the Canadian government maintain its promise to protect the health of both the citizens and residents.

An IRCC panel physician conducts this immigration medical exam according to the screening guidelines required for each country and visa type. For your upcoming express entry medical exam, here are a few things you need to expect from a CIC panel physician:

  1. Proper Identification: When you meet the panel physician IRCC recommends, you will need to provide a government-issued document that carries your photograph and signature. This is to help CIC panel physicians ascertain that they are screening the right person. A proper identification includes a passport or national identity card.
  2. Medical Reports: Every panel physician Canada licenses to play a role in this immigration process is required to know your previous or existing medical conditions. Such test results help them gain insights into your health condition. While it isn’t mandatory to provide your proof of previous vaccination for COVID-19, a panel physician will include this record with your exam, if you provide it.
  3. Current Medications: It is important to provide a list of your current medications if you’re taking any treatment. This will help shorten how long it takes to process your medical exam.
  4. Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses: An IRCC medical exam panel expects migrants who wear eye glasses or contact lenses to bring them along during an appointment. Wearing any of them can change your appearance, so it’s important to provide this for easy facial recognition.
  5. Physical Examination: You’ll undergo a physical exam. Typically, this includes checking your weight, measuring your height and feeling your pulse. A panel physician will also need to check your hearing and vision, check how your limbs move and take your blood pressure. It is in place for CIC panel physicians to look at your skin, feel your abdomen and listen to your heart and lungs. If there’s a need for an IRCC medical exam panel to examine your breasts, they have an obligation to offer you an explanation for proposing this examination.

These are some of the things an IRCC panel physician will be checking for when you go for an immigration medical exam. If for any reason you are referred for an x-ray or other tests, it is within the immigration law for you to present your identification again.

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