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Our clinic has been approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to conduct medical exams for all categories of immigration. We are e-medical enabled which makes the submission of your medical exam more efficient and faster.


For all Upfront Medicals, please let us know which category you are applying ahead of time to enable us generate appropriate numbers for your application. Upfront medical exams are accepted for the following:
• Express Entry
• Student Visa
• Work Permit
• Visitor Visa
• Refugee

For all other applications, please wait until you receive an email from the CIC for the IME or UCI #. This number will be found on the PDF document attached to the email. Be sure to have this number ready when booking your appointment.

Immigration Medicals IRCC Panel Physician Calgary Canada Nurse

You Need To Bring

• Official Immigration documents and correspondence received from IRCC

• Government issued photo ID (International Passport or Canadian Government issued ID but not International Driver Licenses). Patients younger than 15 years old or younger may use a birth certificate if they do not have one of the above-mentioned identifications

• All and any prescription medications

• Any medical reports pertaining to medical condition

• No need to bring a passport picture. We will take your photo during the visit

• If you wear any eyeglasses or contact lenses, please wear them for the appointment as they are needed for vision testing

• Translator for patients that does not speak English


Clients are required to secure a lab appointment first and then book with us because IRCC expects all test to be completed within 5 days to allow time for submission within the window.



Adults: C$220 per person
Children: C$200 per child
Payment is by Cash, Debit/Credit card or e-Transfer.
Credit card payment will attract a 3% surcharge.
Please bring exact change if paying by cash.
Undergraduate Students presenting student ID may be entitled to a discount.
Please ask us about student pricing.
For Ukrainians arriving under Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), click here.

Please call our dedicated immigration line 587-586-6999 for arrangements.

Required Tests

All required tests must be completed within 5 days of meeting with the panel physician

Age at Exam

Medical Examination

Urine Test

Blood Test

Chest X-ray

0 – 4 

5 – 10

11 – 14


After Your Medical Examination

After medical exam visit with the Panel Physician, please proceed to do your Chest X-Ray (CXR) and laboratory investigations.

Designated Radiology Clinics & Laboratories

What Next?

Your Chest X-Ray result is uploaded electronically on e-medical by the radiology clinic

Your laboratory results are sent to us directly after which there are 4 possible outcomes

4 Outcomes

1. All the investigation are normal and are forwarded to CIC. We cannot discuss the results with you.

2. You need a repeat of some test(s) but do not need to see the physician in person. Our incredibly supportive staff will contact you for guidance.

3. The result of the test requires that you book a follow up office visit with the physician as per guidelines. This visit will cost C$125.00.

4. The immigration medical department may write you demanding that you pay another visit to the physician for further investigation. Similarly, this visit would cost C$125.00.

We encourage you to send us a text message on 587-586-6999, 7 business days after your Medical Examination to get update on the status of your application.


Clients are required to secure a lab appointment first and then book with us because IRCC expects all test to be completed within 5 days to allow time for submission within the window.


Immigration Medicals For Ukrainians

Arriving under Canadian-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET)

Українці, які прибувають до Канади, можуть пройти обов’язковий імміграційний медичний огляд за спеціальною ціною 120 доларів на особу в медичній клініці Center Street North. Адреса: 6213 Center Street, NW, Калгарі.

Будь ласка, телефонуйте на наш спеціалізований імміграційну телефонну лінію +1 (587) 586-6999 або забронюйте візит безпосередньо на нашому веб-сайті Immigration Medical Appointments Запис бажаний, але необов’язковий.

Ukrainians arriving in Canada seeking to undergo the mandatory immigration medical exam by a panel physicians are now being offered a special discount rate of 120 dollars per person at the Centre Street North Medical Clinic, located at 6213 Centre Street, NW, Calgary.

Please call our dedicated immigration cell phone +1 (587) 586-6999 or book directly on our website: Immigration Medical Appointments. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Please post this to any group or anyone in Calgary/Alberta that might need the information.


Mon – Wed
8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sat – Sun



Our doctors and staff partner with you to evaluate your needs, develop a treatment plan as well as provide education towards preventing diseases.


CALL:  (403) 906-0210

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Calgary, AB T2K 0V2

EMAIL: info@csnmc.ca

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