How to Determine Your Canada Express Entry Eligibility

July 12, 2022

Following the introduction of the Canadian Express Entry system in January 2015, lots of skilled workers have taken the advantage to settle into the country with their loved ones. To take up one of the spots available in the competitive Express Entry program, migrants will have to create and submit an Express Entry profile.

The information a migrant provides is placed in a pool for easy comparison against what other candidates have to offer. To receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in the city of Calgary, for instance, you need to have a high-ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

A combination of up to 600 core points and a maximum of 600 extra points mean that the highest score a candidate can get is 1,200 points. When you meet this requirement, an invitation to apply will be sent to you. At this point, you have up to 60 days to submit your online application and pay the permanent residence processing fees.

The Core Points

Your skills and experience are the factors put into consideration under this section. Other factors that determine your score include your skills transferability as well as the education, language skill and other relevant information relating to your common-law partner or spouse.

The Extra Points

You have a better chance of getting an invitation to apply if you have a sibling living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident. In addition, proof of a legitimate job offer or a nomination from a Canadian territory or province delivers an added advantage. Two other factors, which can help boost your score, are the level of your proficiency in the French language and any proof of a Canadian work experience, degree, diploma or certificate.

Once you qualify and gain admissibility into Canada, a panel physician IRCC recommends will handle your Expert Entry medical exam. It is the duty of any panel physician Canada approves to properly identify you when you show up for your immigration medical exam appointment. CIC panel physicians follow specific guidelines to carry out your physical exam, and the CIC medical exam requirements for each migrant varies according to the individual’s country.

An IRCC medical exam panel now submits your test results to eMedical for evaluation. In a situation where an infectious disease is discovered, an IRCC panel physician is bound by the immigration law ethics to report such observations to the government and the person in question.

If you need to book the services of a CIC panel physician for your immigration medicals or want to clarify a gray area, please contact us on Panel Physicians page today.      


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