Immigration Medical Exam in Calgary – How to Check Your Results

April 20, 2022

Whether you want to get into Canada through the Express Entry system or through sponsorship, you will require an IRCC panel physician to assess your health status by conducting an immigration medical exam. The test results of this CIC medical exam is then sent to eMedical for evaluation. Since this concerns your state of health and whether you’ll gain entry into Canada, this guide helps you know how to check on the status of your immigration medical exam in Calgary. 

Within Processing Time

Typically, every panel physician IRCC approves to handle the physical exams of immigrants endeavour to submit the test results within a stipulated time. So, all you need to do is check your application status tool for a quick update.

When the Processing Time Elapses

Though this doesn’t happen very often without a genuine cause, there are times when an IRCC medical exam panel fails to meet the stipulated time. If you cannot see your status at this point, please use the IRCC web form to make an enquiry. More often than not, it’s most likely that your application is still being processed.

Help Centre

This offers additional support when you’re still expecting results from the panel physician Canada recommended to handle your health tests. This user-friendly section features a search field where you may ask the questions you seek answers to.

Complicated Cases

Say you want to settle in at Calgary, and chose one of the CIC panel physicians on the approved list to handle your test, the processing of your Express Entry medical exam results will still take longer if you have a complicated case. Since different medical conditions require unique approaches, the length of delay may vary from case to case.

If you need a CIC panel physician to explain these different scenarios better or want to book for your immigration medicals, please visit us on Panel Physicians today.


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